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Bird Watching

Bird Watching

At Green valley you can Bird watch while having breakfast, meals or relaxing at the gardens or open terrace lodge.
Bird species spotted within the guest house and its surrounding include

Black headed Gonolek,
Speckled Mouth Bird
White Browed Robin Chat
Grey Capped Robin Chat
Northern Brown Throated Weaver
Village Weaver
Yellow Backed Weaver
Slender BIlled Weaver
Red chested sunbird
Scarlet Chested Mouth Bird
Pied Kingfisher
Woodland KindFisher
Common Bulbul
Double Toot Barbet
Eastern Grey Plantain Eater
Ross’s Turaco
Great Blue Turaco
Hadada Ibis
Red Eyed Dove
African Thrush
African FireFinch
Red-Cheeked Cordon Blue
Grey Headed Sparrow
African Yellow White Eye
Little Egret
Great Egret