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Activities In Entebbe

Activities In Entebbe

Bird Watching At Green Valley And Surrounding

At Green valley you can Bird watch while having breakfast, meals or relaxing at the gardens or open terrace lodge.

Bird species spotted within the guest house and its surrounding.
Mabamba Swamp Shoebill Tracking And Birding

Visit Mabamba swamp, the birders dream destination and a reliable place in the country for sighting the shoebills and other water birds.

Price 1-2pax $120, 3 pax and above $50 per person
Cycling Around Entebbe

Cycling is one of the most magnificent tours you can ever do in Entebbe. Entebbe is bth a peninsular and colonial city. Ride through as you sight the cultural sites and colonial villages, fishing village sites, beaches, markets and among others.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Botany, nature walks, birding as you enjoy the beautiful Lake Victoria scenery. Expect to see monkeys like black and white colobus monkeys, black faced vervet monkeys.

Uganda Reptile Village

A place with a variety of reptiles of Uganda snakes, monitor lizards

Price 70$ 1-2 pax, 3+pax $30 per person

Uganda Wildlife Educational Center(Uwec)/Entebbe Zoo

Visit the wildlife center to see the different game that are found in uganda. Expect to see lions, Rhino, giraffe, eland, elephants and many more animals and birds

Price  1pax $30, 2 pax $20 per person, 3+pax $15 per person


At UWEC you can opt for behind the scene experience where you get upclose with most the animals for an extra $70 per person